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In cases when main energy source in your body, a blood sugar called glucose, drops to abnormally low value, you have a condition known as hypoglycemia. Usually this occurrence is a one of most common symptoms of diabetes, but there are also other things that can provoke low blood sugar effect, because, like fever, hypoglycemia is not a disease, it is byproduct and consequence of other illness.

In case of first aid remedies, they are not too difficult; sugar rich food like simple candy bar will help you almost immediately and also some mediations, too. For medical treatment of this symptom, you must have an examination in the hospital.

Because glucose is main food for your brain, among other things, you must have enough of it, in your blood. Some symptoms of having hypoglycemia are abnormal behavior, confusion, visual disturbances (blurred or double vision), sweating, hunger, anxiety, inability to complete simplest tasks, and in rare cases, loss of consciousness andseizures.

Unfortunately, all this symptoms are not specific only to hypoglycemia, so you must have your blood sugar level checked in times of those symptoms occurring, just to be sure that this is a cause, and not some similar disorder.

In cases that hypoglycemia is a symptom of your diabetes; it is already under medical control. If you do not have diabetes, and still have hypoglycemia attacks, you must seek medical attention. This is very important, because apart from diabetes, hypoglycemia can be sign of several serious disorders, all of them very dangers.

In some cases hypoglycemia can be just an episode, caused by excessive fatigue, prolonged fasting or extortion. In that case you should consult your doctor about making some changes in your way of life and your diet. Also you may arrange timing and way of your exercises, and keep track of your blood sugar levels.

There are also some things that you can do in your home, in order to help yourself with your hypoglycemia problems. This is especially important if you are diagnosed with diabetes, non fasting hypoglycemia, or hormone or enzyme deficiencies.

Here are some recommendations;

Cayenne pepper this is one of most efficient herbs for treating hypoglycemia.

Onionsit has very good effect in treating low blood sugar levels, but it does it gradually, over some period of time. Onions are considered to be better, safer and more effective remedy than insulin.

Garlicone of good home remedies for treating hypoglycemia. Because of its strong odor, it is best to use it together with other food or supplements.

Fruit juice one of best and healthiest home remedy is fresh fruit juice. Drink it in the times of hypoglycemia episodes, and in this case only, even fizzy drinks arerecommended.

SugarEasiest and most tasteful home remedy. Use it in your hour of need.

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