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What is reactive hypoglycemia and why does it occur?

Reactive hypoglycemia is a type of glycemia that tends to happensome two or three hours after a meal. The main symptoms that help to recognize itconsist of hunger in the first place, feeling of weakness, tremor, andlightheadedness, although sometimes sleepiness or even anxiety and confusionmight be present. Since people might have symptoms that are typical of thistype of hypoglycemia very often without really having this health problem, itis not at all easy to set a proper diagnosis of this condition. When a doctorsuspects of it, it will be necessary to check the blood levels of sugar whenthe symptoms appear, as well as whether or not the symptoms are present whenthese levels are normal. Despite the fact that the symptoms might be really scarysometimes, the truth is that this condition rarely requires medical treatment.

How can it be treated?

Since reactive hypoglycemia is particularly frequent in peoplewho fast, or in those who are hungry for a longer time, this problem can besolved by certain changes in the diet in both of these cases. This means thatthe person only needs to provide enough energy and other nutrients to the bodyin order for it to function properly, and the healthiest way is to provide itthrough food. Even when the person has to fast, the body needs to receive atleast the necessary daily dosages of all the nutrients, because this way notonly hypoglycemia, but a number of other health problems will be avoided aswell.

What might be helpful is paying more attention to timing ofthe meal as well, and not only the composition, which means that it might bebetter to eat more frequently but smaller meals and snacks, than to eat only twotimes a day. Even though it might seem funny, eating every threehours keeps the metabolism active all the time. The intake of sugary foodsmight need to be limited, particularly when the person has not eaten anythingbefore. If a person is about to drink alcohol, then it should not be mixed withsugary drinks, and it should not be taken on an empty stomach. Physical activityon regular basis is highly recommended even to people who do not have anyhealth problems, but when it comes to those who suffer from hypoglycemia, it isparticularly important to make it a part of a daily routine.

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