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In cases when a blood sugar called glucose, main energy source in your body, drops to abnormally low value, you have a condition known as reactive hypoglycemia. Usually, this disorder is a one of common symptoms of diabetes. Like fever, hypoglycemia is not a disease; it is consequence of other illness. If you have it, it would be a good idea to see your doctor, and try to find out what really caused it.

These reactive hypoglycemia attacks, either sudden or gradual, can be very unpleasant. People with hypoglycemia attacks should take steps to put in under control; change their lifestyle, monitor their blood sugar level carefully, and try to find the cause of it. Luckily, first aid in cases of reactive hypoglycemia attacks is relatively simple; candy bar or some other sugar in rich food can do the trick. Those attacks sometimes can be severe, and it can lead to loose of consciousness or seizures.

In the meantime, there are some things that you should keep in mind, in and deal with your reactive hypoglycemia attacks, until you see a doctor and resolve your problem.

There are five recommended steps, that you should take in cases of reactive hypoglycemia attacks, especially sudden ones; keep your mind calm, find a helper, have a sugar rich food handy, consults your doctor and adjust your daily diet.

Step 1 Keep your mind and do not panic

It is not easy for person to stay calm in cases of reactive hypoglycemia attacks, especially if they are happening for the first time, and a person has anxiety problems. Feelings of sudden weakness, dizziness or fainting can be very unpleasant, even to more experienced patients. So if you keep yourself calm, you should have more chances to successfully overcome it.

Step 2Find someone to help you

If you are alone in moment of sudden reactive hypoglycemia attack, you better make it to the step 1, and try either with candy bar, or 911 emergency call, or both. In that case you are lucky to have other people around you, try to inform them about your current condition, in order to help you.

Step 3Sit down and receive your help

In case that there are people around you, firstly you should sit down in order not to faint, with your head between your knees. This position is very similar to crash positions on the airplane, and it helps blood flow to your head. And do not forget the step 1.

Step 4Quick help and temporary treatmentYou should always carry with you some candy bar, chocolate or other sugar rich treat. In case this is your first time reactive hypoglycemia attack, ask the people from step 2 to provide you with one, if they have it. All of these foods are just temporary help, and you must see your doctor, in order to get a steady solution from him.

Step 5 The hypoglycemia diet – doctor’s long term solution

You must consult your doctor, in order to get a well balanced, carbs and protein rich diet for you. You must keep your new diet very strictly, in order to avoid future attacks.

You should also take precaution to always carry with you some sweets and have your ID handy and maintain your attention to those five steps.

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