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Rat poison side effects

Rat poison has lots of ingredients but probably the most important one is warfarin. Warfarin is an anticoagulant and its main purpose is to make sure that it does not come to blood clotting. In most cases there are no evident symptoms of rat poisoning like nosebleeds, bleeding gums or fatigue which can usually stick for a couple of days. Researches have shown that rats are immune to many different types of rat poisons. However, humans are not immune to rat poisoning, unlike raccoons for instance.

Rat poisoning side effects

Probably the most important side effect of rat poisoning a person should be aware of is the internal bleeding. Rat poison has an effect on the clotting of blood and it makes it thin to the proportion which is not normal and that is why internal bleeding occurs. This bleeding will then leave the body in several forms like nosebleed, gum bleeds, bloody urine or bloody stools.

Dizziness is another thing that may happen to a person when his or her blood is thin because of the warfarin in the rat poison. Even though it is not that common, dizziness can sometimes be so severe that a person is unable to stand.

Digestive system will also suffer because of the rat poisoning. Diarrhea, vomiting and nausea are usually present. In addition to this, diarrhea and vomit will usually contain blood.

Lethargy is another inconvenience which is caused by rat poisoning. When the thinned blood goes through the body a person may feel sleepy and drowsy.

Rat poison can even cause death when it is consumed in large amounts.

Rat poison antidote

There are certain rat poison antidotes which can be given to a pet when it consumes rat poison. A person should induce vomiting by using hydrogen peroxide. Vitamin K is an excellent antidote for rat poisoning because it counteracts the acts of anticoagulants which can be found in rat poison. The antidote should be given for a long period of time.

When a person is infected with rat poison, vitamin K should be taken immediately. Because a person must take large quantities of the antidote it is not uncommon for it to cause some side effects. Charcoal is used by the doctor if unabsorbed poison is seen in the digestive system. Vitamin C is also recommended because it fights the side effects caused by the antidote.

There is also a poison control hot line which a person can contact.

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