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Liver Dangers

Liver can also be endangered because of chronic fatigue andfibromyalgia, and in the following lines we will tell you how you can preventthese problems from occurring and protect yourself. The damage, which can besubstantial, comes not from the conditions, but the medications that you may betaking.The NSAIDs, or the anti-inflammatory medication, as well as narcotics like Vicodin or otheracetaminophen, for example, will send certain toxins to the liver for processing. If youuse these medications for a long time, you may be under great danger from thevery high liver enzyme chart. If your blood test shows similar results, you candevelop fatty liver and eventually cirrhosis.


There are many reasons why you might be using some of these medicationsfor a long time (even due to a back injury), but there are cases in whichpeople used to take ibuprofen 1600 mg at the beginning, and the dosage changed into 2400 mg in thelater period. In one such case, a person was taking the mentioned medication from the age of 13 and introduced acetaminophen when he reached 20 years ofage. He decreased the dosage, but the problems started to appear. The person we aretalking about used Vicodin occasionally and nabumetone, which is a prescriptionNSAIDs. This person had certain health problems and had to use these medications, and he had to increase the dosage of Vicodin and started using Aleve, which is naproxensodium, but he reduced the intake of nabumetone. This brought a lot of improvementbecause once these chances took place, his sky rocketed liver enzyme levelsreduced, but now one liver enzyme is slightly elevated while the other is ok.However, the muscles were spasmodic, hard and tight, which raises a lot of problems becauseliver has to be protected, but the inflammation and muscle pain must be treated.Epson salt baths, ice, heat, massage and acupuncture can be used for the painand inflammation problem in such cases, while milk thistle can be used for the liverprotection. The ability of the liver to process toxins can be improved withthis traditional remedy. Leading a proper diet will also help. If you have someof the problems mentioned in this text, we advise you to get a liver functiontest and check the levels of liver enzymes regularly.

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