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Progesterone shots are most commonly given to pregnant women, but they are also given during menstrual periods or after In-Vitro Fertilization, with the purpose of balancing progesterone of woman’s body, if there is progesterone deficiency.

About progesterone

It is a female steroid hormone that woman’s body produces during pregnancy, menstruation and embryogenesis. Synthetic progesterone is of the similar chemical structure as the naturally secreted one.

Why Progesterone Shots are Injected

Progesterone shots are administered into the body to compensate the lack of natural one. The role of progesterone is to stabilize the lining of the uterus that directly leads to controlled menstrual bleeding. In the case, that progesterone level is increased in the body, the effect is opposite to the prior. In the case of IVF pregnancy, progesterone is administered for 10 to 12 week from the beginning of pregnancy with the goal to achieve pregnancy and support fetus development. Unless the level of progesterone during pregnancy is not as it is supposed to be, the walls of the uterus can shed resulting in miscarriage and premature labor. Progesterone shots are also used in the treatment of infertility and they need to be given by a professional such as doctor who is educated to do that.

Before giving the injection, a doctor must wash hands thoroughly in order to eliminate possible infections, and after washing, hands are cleaned with a clean towel, the cap of a shot is removed and the rubber cap is cleaned with alcohol. The needle is put on the syringe, and it is necessary to avoid touching the needle with fingers. The needle is put in the progesterone vial and pulled back so that the predetermined amount of progesterone is sucked in the needle. Progesterone injection is given in the muscular tissue that is in the tights or buttocks. After the injection is given, the needle has to be thrown, since it is no longer supposed to be used.

Side Effects

Side effects of progesterone include nausea, vomiting and a state of depression during first few days after the shot is given. If it is given to regulate menstrual periods, side effects such as increased vaginal discharge, pain in the breast area, irritation and fluid retention may appear. If it is given in the IVF, stomach pain and cramps in the vaginal area can occur. If the mentioned side effects last for a couple of days, you must immediately pay a visit to the doctor so that he can administer proper treatment.

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