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About the pain

Neuroma is the medical term for the tumor which is placed on the nerve tissue, and this text is specifically about the tumor placed on the nerve of the foot, commonly known as the Morton’s neuroma. It is exactly placed in the intermetatarsal region, between the bones that are the roots of the toes around the middle of the sole. This condition is manifested as the enlargement of the mentioned nerve, which inevitably leads to the frequent irritation of the nerve and to the increased constant pressure on it. So, consequently the most prominent symptom of this neuroma is the pain.

When it comes to the pain, it is rather characteristic; it could be described as the combination of the acute harsh tickling which comes in the intervals and the chronic burning ache that is felt on the exact spot of the Morton’s neuroma. The pain is very severe and in most of the cases, unbearable, while at the first notions of the condition, only certain numbness and insensitivity is felt on the nearby toes, which are connected to this nerve. This lack of the sense of the touch turns into the described ache gradually, and it is aggravated with every step.

The treatment options

So, the pain could be lessened with the simple staying away from the uncomfortable high heels, but this is not effective in the advanced stages of neuroma; while when the inflammatory process reaches its peak, it is hard to lessen the pain even with the use of the drugs that suppress the inflammation and the cortisone injections. Additionally, the surgical procedure has no significant effect neither, since the swelling tends to come back again after some time.

As far as the complications are concerned, of course, if not treated at all or if not treated properly, the most troublesome consequence is that this condition could also affect the nearby associated nerves, which is the problem far more difficult to deal with. So, the best solution is to prevent this worst case scenario by the treatment which is not as invasive as the surgical procedure. That is because the procedure is likely to provoke the aching scar and the associated problems with the nerve. Because of that, the better option is to treat the Morton’s neuroma by constantly lowering the pressure on it.

This treatment is done by providing the support for the metatarsal arch of the bones, which results in lessening the swelling and the inflammatory process, and therefore, the ache and the pressure are minimized a great deal.

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