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What is the prostate?

Prostate is the medical term for the gland that is muscular and which is located at the root of the male urethra (the passage for the urine), and it is one of the most important components of the male reproductive system because its function is to secrete the liquid which is the major ingredient of the semen.

The inflammatory process of this gland, which is medically referred to as the prostatitis, is among the most common diseases of the prostate, since about 25% of the patients from the urology suffer from this problem (according to the study performed in the United Kingdom). This condition is usually manifested as the significant enlargement of the prostate and it is usually followed with the pain. The pain is situated in the area from the rectum to the scrotum (the sack in which the testicles are placed) and above the pubic bone. The inflammation of the prostate

The enlargement of the prostate, consequently, causes certain pressure on the bladder and urethra and that is why the frequent urge for the urination is one of the following signs of this disease. Also, very often, there are some troubles after the process of ejaculating the semen and the burning ache while urinating could be also present. The pain, however, can be extended over the nearby areas, such as the lower part of the back, on the genitalia, over the abdominal region, testicles, anus, and the thighs.

Anyway, it is very important to know more about the types of this condition, in order to start the most successful and beneficial treatment. That is, this condition can be of the bacterial origin (and it can be of the acute or permanent nature), or it can be caused by some other stuff. In the cases when this condition is not caused by bacteria, it can be either followed with inflammation or not, but one of the most prominent characteristics of this type of prostatitis is that the condition tends to come back after some time. And, the biggest problem in this case is that the exact provoker usually remains unknown.

In the cases of the firstly mentioned types of this disease, the general exhaustion is the most prominent indicator of the prostatitis triggered by the bacterial infection.

Anyway, the most frequent type of prostatitis is the inflammation without any specific sign. Only certain irritation and troubles while the mentioned daily actions are performed are present, and that is why this condition carries significant risk of getting the prostate cancer.

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