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Almost every person in the world has heard about Alzheimer’s disease. A majority of these people know that it is a disease that strikes the brain and changes it. In time, things only get worse since it is a disease that slowly and gradually advances as the time passes by. Dementia is mainly caused by this disease. People need to know that dementia is a very serious thing as a person will lose intellectual and social skills in time and he or she will not be able to perform some simple tasks any more. The case with Alzheimer’s is that the brain cells slowly degenerate and die, which causes poor memory and mental functions.

People need to know that there is still no cure for Alzheimer’s. However, there are treatments and medications which can decrease the symptoms and better the function and keep the independence in a person. People who are diagnosed with this disease should seek help from social services because it helps. Keeping the family and friends as support is essential.


At this moment, there is still no sure way to prevent Alzheimer’s from developing. However, people need to know that the researchers are working really hard on finding the way.

Certain studies have shown that a person can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by reducing the risk of ending up with a heart disease. Experts agree that there are various same factors which increase the chance of a heart disease and Alzheimer’s as well.Some of the main things that people need to watch out for are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gaining too much weight and even diabetes.

A person can reduce the chance of developing Alzheimer’s by living an active life. Physical, mental and social activities are important.

Lifestyle and home remedies

There are still some doubts whether a proper diet, exercise and healthy life choices can prevent a disease. However, the truth is that these choices improve overall health and play a role in keeping cognitive health.

Therefore, a person will not make a mistake if he or she exercises regularly, follows a healthy diet which is low in fat and rich in fruits and vegetables and maintains an active social life.

Alternative medicines

People can see various mixtures of herbs, vitamins and supplements which are supposed to prevent or delay Alzheimer’s. However, the intake of vitamins B, C and E and folic acids or beta carotenes have not been backed up with proper evidence.

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