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There are some people who do not know what tachycardia actually is, even though they have heard of it. Tachycardia is a condition when people’s heart rate is somewhat faster than it should be. A person’s heart should beat between 60 and 100 times in a period of 60 seconds. This is in situations when a person is not participating in any physical activity, but is resting. People with tachycardia have heart rate that is faster than that.

Certain electric signals sent across the heart tissues control the heart rate. When these signals are disturbed and become rapid, tachycardia occurs.

There are cases when people experience no symptoms or signs of tachycardia whatsoever. No complications are felt as well. However, people need to know that tachycardia needs to be treated. The reason why that is so is because a disrupted heart rate significantly increases the risk of stroke and can even cause sudden cardiac arrest which usually results in death. People need to know that there are treatments that can help control the heartbeat.


The type of tachycardia and the rate and duration of a faster heartbeat will determine the severity of complications caused by tachycardia. Any existing heart conditions will also have a huge impact on the complications. Some of the most common complications are stroke or heart attack caused by blood clots, heart failure, frequent fainting spells and sudden death.

Prevention of tachycardia

All experts agree that the best way a person can prevent tachycardia from occurring is to lessen the chance of developing heart disease. However, there are a lot of people who already suffer from some heart disease. They need to monitor it and stick to a treatment plan in order to reduce the risk of tachycardia.

Prevent heart disease

In order to prevent tachycardia people need to make sure not to develop heart disease. In order to achieve that, there are some simple tips people can follow.

Exercise is important. A healthy diet is important as well. People need to consume lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Making sure to gain excessive weight is also very important.

People need to take proper control of their blood pressure and cholesterol in order to avoid suffering from heart disease. Those who smoke should stop at once. Drinking alcohol should be limited. Recreational drugs need to be avoided. People who enjoy caffeine beverages need to make sure not to consume them in excessive amounts. Stress should be avoided whenever that is possible.

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