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Alzheimer's Disease

We will talk about a disease called Alzheimer's disease. The disease takes time to develop and produce symptoms, and once this happens, the problem cannot be cured but the symptoms can be managed. Some damage done by this disease can be healed by some treatment methods and we will see how these treatments work. The problem of Alzheimer is treated with the 45% use of medications. The cognitive decline is present in all cases of Alzheimer's disease among those who use quetiapine for the treatment. Another medication that patients with Alzheimer's take is rivatigmine. This medication is mostly used among home patients, but this medication causes little or no change. Nursing home staff also uses olanzapine and risperidone, but the use of these medications is associated with the stroke. Be very careful when using these medications for home nursing of the Alzheimer's disease.

The symptoms

According to the Dr. Jeff Johnson, the beta-amyloid can prevent neuron damage and this makes this protein very important for Alzheimer's disease. Among elderly people, dementia is one of the most common causes of death, and it can be developed due to Alzheimer's disease. Patients can suffer from brain death if the disease is not treated. There are many problems that can be caused by this disease and these problems will make life of a patient and family very difficult. Memory impairment is the most common symptom associated with the disease in question. The problem of memory loss can be a difficult problem to interpret since we all forget. So admitting and seeing that we have a problem is very difficult and detecting the problem as well. Orientation problems, abstract thinking, judgment and problems with intellect are some of the symptoms. Communication problems, language problems, agitation and irritability are some other symptoms. Among these are appetite loss, changed sleeping patterns, aggression, social withdrawal, depression and mood disturbance, but these are associated with the advanced stage of the Alzheimer's disease. Visit the doctor if you have detected some of the symptoms of the Alzheimer's disease. Independence problem are evident among those with Alzheimer's disease. Leaving burned milk around the house or leaving stow on are some examples of independence problems. Sending loud sounds to the people is a problem as well. During the initial stage of the Alzheimer's, the patient will be physically fit and this makes diagnosing the problem difficult. Degeneration may be present among the people suffering from Alzheimer’s and the people around the patient need to detect any defenses associated with degeneration. Friends and family need to make the patient see that he or she has a problem which he or she is denying. We cannot overlook the problem but we cannot live in paranoid state and see a problem everywhere and in every little thing. We need to do the activities to control the sense of control of our lives. This will help you with the Alzheimer’s and remember to be enthusiastic and optimistic about your life as well.

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