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The pressure sores are often on bony parts of the body: on heels, ankles, top, hips, lower spine, buttocks or shoulders. If there is a cut off blood supply for a longer period, as a result of compression, there are pressure sores coming out on surface. A pressure sore indicates red on skin and lasts for a few hours.

The pressure sore becomes sensitive and may even turn purple. But if that tissue area dies off, it means that the spot has been infected. The sore spot increases size and sometimes radically changes the depth. Sometime it may result with broken muscle layers or fat under the skin: in worse cases bones are the most exposed. If the nerves are damaged badly, in most cases, very large scale of sores does not hurt.

A pressure sores may occur with older people more often. The sores can occur due to a recurrent infection, bad nutrition, anaemia or bad circulation as well. While ulcers occur in cases when patients are not very mobile and are often sitting in the wheelchair or lying down.

Treatment of Pressure Sores

It is not recommended to sit on or pressure sores on any way. Put pillow in the position under the pressure sore area to pressure off and change positions often. For patients who use a wheelchair sitting positions are more recommended.

Dead tissue needs to separated from pressure sore. A saline solution is dressing and it may be used as well. The dressing may be a film dressing or a hydrocolloid dressing. People who are malnourished have weaker immune system, and may develop infection or a condition called septicemia. The bacteria may irreversible impairment to internal organs and in worse cases, may result with death.

The Prevention

Relieve pressure sores with chair protectors, airbeds, foam bed, bed, aids, anything really, just to ease sores.

Continence aids control bladder and bowels, and also, it is good to use catheterizing, pads, diapers etc... Check for redness or cuts on the skin if it is developed. Having a good diet helps healing, and helps few nutritional or weight loss. Keep skin clean and any moistening should cut down to minimum. Positions of body are to change all the time, every 2 hours.

Doctor’s Help

Consulting doctor for advice about minimizing pressure sores and finding suitable treatment is recommended, in any signs of infection. Symptoms for such may be: mental confusion, a higher temperature, fever, chills, hard concentrating, fast heartbeat, increased pain.

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