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Paralyzed people and people who are tied to a bed are at most risk to get and develop bed sores and ulcers.Such body sores are very hard to treat, and develop in no time. The pressure sores that are actually pressure ulcers,are body area with impaired tissue. It is a condition that may develop when pressure stops circulation to a sensitive part of body: parts like hips, heels, buttocks. Tissue under the pressure dies.

Wheelchair patients get pressure sores on backside, tailbones, spine, and shoulder blades. Patients that are in bed all the time, get pressure on ear rims, shoulders, lower back, tailbones, hipbones back head, ankles, toes, knees. There are preventive measures to improve skin's integrity and stop sores from coming out. And there are 4 stages of bedsores and these are based by their austerity.

- Stage IA pressured red skin area may hurt, itch and feels spongy because it is inflamed. Stage I is superficial and it is necessary to remove pressure to heal quickly.- Stage IIThe layer of skin is already lost, deeper on surface skin, and it may sometimes affect both layers. The wound is now in a form of blister, with red discoloration around. It is the open wound now. - Stage IIIIn this stage we get a pressure ulcer, because damage spreads onto tissue under the skin and wound looks like crater. - Stage IVThe most severe stage. In this stage a lots of skin falls off and uncover underlying muscle, tendons, joints and bone.

There are common sources of circulation restriction such as wrinkles sheets, clothing, bed crumbs, tight jeans that are making frictions. To prevent sore pressure it is necessary to make frequent shifts, tossing and turning in bed. But if the friction is made only a slight turn, it may irritate skin, which makes pressure sores. Shears are more serious, and it is happening when skin goes one way and underlying bone to the other way. Shears tear tiny blood vessels and cell walls apart on tailbone or somewhere where the skin is sensitive and thin.

Bedsore Complications- Cancer. Cancer, aggressive carcinoma makes impact on squamous cells of the skin and it is spread on to nodes of lymph, making a nasty bedsores.- Sepsis. Sepsis makes nasty pressure sore because massive infection bacteria enter bloodstream and rapidly progress, creating a condition that may shock body and create failure of organs. - Amputation. Untreated bedsores fester and root live tissue and if it last long enough it may affect on bone. Amputation of a limb is the only way to stop further process of dying. - Gas gangrene An extreme form of gangrene develops dramatically and spreads very quickly, clostridium bacteria creates gas gangrene that produce toxins that eats away muscle tissue and create a fatal systemic problems.- Infections of bones and joints The infection from a bedsore goes deep into bones and joints. Infections of joint may destroy tissue and cartilage very quickly. The bone infections may have deadly outcome. - Necrotizing fasciitisIt is fast spreading infection that destroys tissue settled around muscles. Most possible symptoms are massive swelling, fever or pain. Death comes quickly in this case.- Cellulites Connective tissue acute infection may cause pain or swelling. The infection may cause death by causing meningitis or sepsis. These are infection of membrane, and a fluid in spinal cord and brain.

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