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Syphilis is a severe medical condition: it is a disease with full title – syphilis, sexually transmitted disease (STD). Syphilis may be transmitted with a very ease indirect contact as well. If it gets developed the disease needs attention of doctor because it gets complicated and can bring a severe medical problem. Disease may be active or not active in the body but only if it is active, patient has symptoms. Inactive syphilis does sleep, but patient still can infect other person.

Syphilis is caused by bacteria and it is transmitted via tissue of vagina, rectum or mouth/ nose. Only sore or rash on skin with simple contact can infect the other person. Infection can pass to a baby if mother is pregnant when she gets disease. Having sex without protection or condom, with unknown person, may cause patient to get infected with syphilis. The risk is extremely high if two men, not knowing each other, have unprotected sex.

Also if patient reside in the area where there is a high risk for people to have syphilis (slams or prostitute area), or if the person often changes sex partners. In cases when patient has a partner that has several sex partners, there is bigger possibility for sexual fluid exchange. Also, if the person is selling sex for money or drugs, there is a potential risk of getting AIDS and syphilis at the same time.


Sexual history and physical exam may show symptoms of disease. Also blood tests and HIV tests are required, especially with mothers and their children. Symptoms of syphilis sometimes may remain not active, or may show the same as other diseases and patients may not be aware of having it.

There are 4 phases of syphilis:1) - First Phase:An open sore, a chancre shows up at the area of genitalia, anus or mouth, or at any area where bacteria enters.

2) - Second Phase:Ease developing skin rash shows up after patient gets infected in 4 to 10 weeks time. The skin rash infects easily other people through a basic of genitals, anus or mouth contact.

3) - Third Phase (latent):It is a phase after the rash, a stage with no visible symptoms. In this phase bacteria is still present in body and devastating internal organs. Third phase lasts 1 to 5 years if its short phase or 5 to 20 years if it is a long one. Women in latent stage are often not aware of having a disease, until they deliver infected baby on the world.

4) - Fourth Phase (tertiary stage):Syphilis not treated on time, may develop into a severe health problems (heart and mental disorders, nervous system dysfunction, blindness or even death). Any suspicious sores, or blisters around genital area and having unprotected sex with stranger may consider a proper check up with doctor.


A treatment of syphilis needs professional health examinations because disease needs to be diagnosed and treated in professional health facilities. Any medicines or antibiotics need to prescribe doctor. Doctor also prescribes the way how to prevent and handle re infection that may include having other sexually transmitted disease (STD).

There are rules that include STD prevention:

Use condoms.Check if sex partner changes partners a lot.Limit sex partners.Check the expiration date on condom.Open condoms before using.Women may use female condoms. And it is to be used 8 hours before having sex. And it is used only if male partner do not use condom.

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