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Knee Pain and Pregnancy

Pain in the knee is a very common condition. The pain can be the mild and bothersome, but it can also be sharp and persistent. Sometimes the pain is followed by swelling of the knee. It can be a temporary condition which will go away with simple home treatment but more serious cases require medical help. Hormones during pregnancy change, so a pregnant woman should find out what such changes can cause not just to her knees, but to the whole body.


There are a number of things which can be the cause of pain in the knee in pregnant women. Having excess weight puts additional pressure on the knees and joints. Every woman weights more in pregnancy, so pain in the knees can be a consequence of that. Changes in hormone balance occur in pregnancy. A pregnant woman will experience a lot of hormone changes and one of them includes loosing the tendons and ligaments in the pelvis, so the birth would be easier. Such hormone changes may affect the knees as well, so you may be at risk of dislocated kneecap, which can cause a lot of pain. Other causes of painful knee may include strains, injuries and improper footwear.


Pain in the knee can be treated at home in case it is not severe or persistent. You can put ice or cold compression on the painful knee. While you are lying down, keep your knee elevated. This is very helpful in case if you knee is swollen. When you start feeling pain in your knee, take a break and lie down. The pain is a signal that something is wrong with your knee, so you must not cause further damage. If the pain is still present after such treatment, visit your doctor and he/she will recommend a proper therapy.


You can do a lot to protect yourself from painful knee in pregnancy. You should keep your knee muscles strong and flexible so you could prevent strains. In order to do that, it is recommended to do moderate knee exercises and to have regular walks in the park. You should consider wearing compression wrap around your knee, which can save you from kneecap dislocation. Proper shoes are a must in pregnancy. Tight and uncomfortable shoes can cause problems with your feet as well. Well balanced and healthy diet during pregnancy will not just help your knees, but also it will improve your and your baby's overall health.

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