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If you have just had a baby and are wondering why you are losing lots of hair every time you brush or even touch it, you are not alone. Postpartum hair loss is a phenomenon that is experienced by almost every new mother, and many find that it starts around six months after the birth of their baby. Why does postpartum hair loss occur, and how do you cope with it? When will it stop?

Did you know that the average woman loses about 100 hairs every day? That is why most women's hair brushes contain hairs after they fix their hair, and why you notice hairs in the shower after shampooing and conditioning it. Hair constantly replenishes itself, and the hairs that were shed are replaced by new growth. During pregnancy, the hormone estrogen is more plentiful. This results in a thicker head of hair and fewer hairs falling out. But after giving birth, your hormones return to their usual pre-pregnancy state of being. Your hair is simply returning to the way it was before you got pregnant. This process takes six months to a year. It may seem like all of your hair is coming out and you are losing out, but in reality you are just going back to the way it was before you conceived your baby.

Not every woman noticed the same amount of postpartum hair loss. That does not mean not every woman goes through this process though. Those with longer hair just see more of the process in action. While postpartum hair loss is a bit scary for those who did not expect it, you will soon forget about it and your hair do will still look as good as it did before you became a mom! If you have long hair and want it to stay that way, it is best to avoid that postpartum crop many women seem to succumb to. If you are interested in pregnancy and hair, you might want to check out should you color your hair during pregnancy?

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