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Let's be honest when we are talking about conceiving, pregnancy, and childbirth, men are left behind all too often. It is true that men do not ovulate, gestate babies, or give birth, but that does not make their rule in the reproductive process any less. Fathers are important, and should not be ignored. Men can get prenatal depression before the birth of their children too, and they need treatment just as much as their partners who get pregnant. What are the symptoms of prenatal depression in fathers to be, what causes male prenatal depression, and how can it be treated?

The symptoms of prenatal depression in men are much the same as prenatal depression symptoms experienced by pregnant mothers. A depressed dad may feel blue all the time, aggressive, detached from his baby, and severely hindered in their day to day activities. Unlike pregnant mothers, depressed men have a tendency to "self medicate" with alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, or aggressive outbursts. If you are an expectant dad who recognizes any of this, please stop trying to cope with prenatal depression by yourself and seek help, for the sake of your baby and your partner, if not for yourself.

Prenatal depression is nothing to be ashamed of, even if you happen to have a penis, and treatment through therapy of antidepressant medication does help. If you suspect that your partner may be suffering from prenatal depression, and are wondering how to deal with the situation, you might consider talking to a therapist about it. Many men feel ashamed and like they should not be experiencing the feelings that bug them on a daily basis. Perhaps the most important aspect of male prenatal depression is acknowledging it as a real condition that can be treated with medical help. Like with female prenatal depression, the stigma needs to be taken out of it.

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