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The peptide is the name of the growth hormone releasinghormone. The peptide is made up of the 44 amino acids and the hypothalamus is responsible for its secretion. And it is one of the key elements for the release and the production of the growth hormone. The growth hormone or the GH factor of release is a neurohormone termed with an abbreviation GHRH, which stands for the growth hormone releasing hormone. There have been many studies based on this neurohormone and we will see which the results are.


The period associated with the secretion of the hormone in question is done in the region from 18 to 29 weeks following the gestation. The developing fetus secretes the growth hormone in approximately the same time. The location of the secretion of the hormone in question is done in the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus, which is a location where very important neurons are located as well. They are stored here in the aggregated form. The production of the GHRH is done by the nerve terminals.


The release and the manufacture of the growth hormone is the main responsibility of the growth hormone releasing hormone. The nucleus performs the secretion and the growth hormone releasing hormone then goes to the pituitary gland, where the connection with the growth hormone releasing hormone receptors is made. Certain proteins are activated in this way and then the anterior pituitary gland performs the synthesis. Stress, both physical and emotional, can increase the release of the growth hormone releasing hormone. The growth hormone inhibiting hormone counteracts the GHRH and the Somatostatin neurons are responsible for its secretion. They are located in the hypothalamus as well and it also bears the name Somatostatin. It gets to the pituitary gland and its anterior part and then the process of synthesis with the growth hormone begins. The manufacture happens in the pulsatile manner.

Therapeutic Use

It can reduce the amount of abdominal fat and it will make the levels of GH concentration normal. All of this will promote the removal of the fat located in the abdominal region. But this way of treatment is not yet well implemented, although it has the potential to be a breakthrough. It will diminish the risk associated with obesity and remove the abdominal fat, which will reduce the chances of cardiovascular problems, hypertension and heart diseases. This hormone can be located in pancreas, the alimentary tract mucosla lining and other internal organs. There are a lot of studies connected with the GHRH and the tumor, cancer cells and certain deficiency diseases.

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