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Has your ultrasound technician noticed that your baby's umbilical cord was wrapped around its neck? I bet you are worrying about it now! What does a nuchal cord, a cord that is around the baby's neck, mean? Will it affect your labor and delivery and are there any dangers? Let's take a look at the issues involved with having your baby diagnosed with a nuchal cord during your pregnancy, through ultrasound technology.

Nuchal cords can be life-threatening, but they are rarely the medical emergency many parents expect them to be. Furthermore, they are quite prevalent. Up to 37 percent of all babies are born with a nuchal cord, and the vast majority of them will not deal with a medical emergency as a result. If your baby's cord was wrapped around its neck at an ultrasound, this does not necessarily need to worry you. The first thing you'll want to know is that many of these cases will resolve on their own before birth, even if you had a third trimester ultrasound babies dance around in the uterus a lot, and the cord's position changes with theirs. Cords that are loosely wrapped around the neck are not an obstetrical problem. The doctor or midwife at your baby's birth will be able to gently unwrap it as soon as your little one comes into the world, or use a "summer salt" maneuver to extract them.

The real problem comes when a cord is wrapped around the neck multiples times tightly, or when there is what is called a "true knot". A true knot is just that a real knot. This is rarely identified through ultrasound, and will require quick action. There is little you can do about it, but that doesn't have to turn you into a worry wart you will have a dedicated professional team looking out for you and your baby at your birth!

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