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Our arms are beautiful and complex structure. Just think of all the things we do with them, from incredibly gentle and precise to full-blown, all-muscle and no spontaneity actions. They are superbly innervated, have some interesting joints, and a range of muscles. Of course, the more complex something is, more things can go wrong with it. Are you feeling pain in your arm, or arms? It seems that you have some sort of problem over there. It can be nothing, but it could be a symptom of a very serious condition. Let us see what can cause pain in the arm.

Some typical causes of arm pain

Arm pain can be constant or intermittent, dull or sharp, weak or severe. It can appear anywhere, from fingers to shoulder, in just one place or all over the arm. You may be feeling pain in just one arm, or in both arms. there are many possible causes for arm pain. One of the more harmless types of pain is pain caused by some sort of injury to the tissue. A cut, a bruise, strained muscle or ligament can all cause pain, and cause for that pain will be easy to identify. Are you practicing some form of sport that is rough on your arm, or do you frequently work with your hands in less than ideal position? You might be dealing with an sports injury or repetitive stress injury.

Other, less obvious causes for pain include arthritis, which affects joints in the arm (typically in the fingers, but there are no 'safe places'), some medications that you may be using, poor circulation, and, most notorious and most likely the first to think about, heart problems. It is always a good idea to visit a doctor if you are having arm pain. You will not need the doctor to tell you what happened, if you were lifting something heavy and ended up with a painful arm, but you could use professional assessment on the severity of the injury and possible types of treatment, if any is needed.

Arm pain related to heart conditions

Most feared of all arm pains is left arm pain. It is immediately associated with heart failure and fist sign of impending heart attack. But, as there are other possible causes of pain in the left arm, it would be wise to do a medical check-up to make sure if you ever feel pain in the left arm that has no obvious reason. The doctor will ask about your symptoms (intermittent pain or chest pain and arm pain are some tell-tale symptoms of heart problems) and probably run test such as EKG (to see how the heart works) and maybe MRI (to see if there is some other cause for pain, such as injury, which is not obvious). After the establishing of the underlying cause of arm pain, an adequate treatment will be proposed.

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