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A few words about Hernia

Hernia is the enlargement, or to be more exact, the protrusion of the part of some organ. Most commonly, it is located on the intestines, so it is visible from the outside, and manifested as the bump on the abdomen. In most of the cases, hernia happens as the consequence of the overuse of the muscles, that is, if the muscles are forced to work beyond their limits. That is why it is very well known that, for example, elevating something heavy will very likely to lead to the apparition of the hernia. Sometimes, it can be the result of the sudden violent sneezing, or it can emerge after giving birth, on the place where the umbilical cord is cut.

Nevertheless, some other things can contribute to the type of the pain, which appears as the most prominent symptom of this condition, of course, besides the visible lump. The pain may appear in several different kinds, so it can be constant and annoying, sharp, easily extendable over the nearby parts of the body, or recurring. Additionally, the kind of rather reflecting pain is felt when there is some damage present on the other nearby organs and their contents has flown into the inter organic space. Also, the intensity of the pain depends on what lifestyle the individual leads. That is, the poor digestion and the sedentary lifestyle increase the risk of being affected by the painful hernia.

So, having in mind that this pain is the general indicator of many different conditions and that the condition of hernia is hardly diagnosed through the pain as the symptom, the specialists tend to refer to this condition as the syndrome. That is because sometimes the pain is the only indicator of hernia and the pain in the abdomen is very general thing.

The treatment for Hernia

Anyway, when the painful hernia is diagnosed, the problem should be treated as soon as possible, because with the treatment that starts at the first stages of the disease, the healing is practically guaranteed. However, there are some following indicators of this condition which can help in determining whether there is the case of hernia or not. Those are the problems of the frequent urge for throwing up, of the troubles and ache (which is sometimes of the burning type) during the process of urinating, the impossibility of expelling the stool, bloating, the possible lack of the sexual potency, and similar.

The most effective treatment for hernia is the surgical intervention of the excretion of it, which in most cases includes additional cleansing of the inside of the abdomen, because the contents from it tend to be spilled.

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