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Many people have problems with excessive gas. Unfortunately pregnant women tend to go through this problem a lot more frequently as well as having to put up with all the other issues and discomforts of pregnancy. An interesting fact is that the average person will belch or have flatulence around fourteen times every day and for pregnant women this number is much, much greater.

What are the Causes of Gas in Pregnancy

There is an array of reasons for having gas. Most of the time it can be due to simply swallowing air whilst chewing on your food. Pregnant women will also contain more progesterone in their system thus causing more flatulence. Progesterone will actually contribute to the slowing down of the digestive system which inevitably makes a pregnant women feel uncomfortable and bloated. On top of that, the baby will also press the digestive tract contributing to the slowing down of that particular system which will also cause the effect of flatulence.

How to Cure Flatulence in Pregnancy

As you probably know, the food you eat will frankly impact the level of gas regardless if you are carrying a baby or not. So, stay away from artificial sweeteners like the ones in diet sodas. Some foods that you should avoid if suffering from flatulence are cabbage, onions, brussel sprouts, beans, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, pears, apples, peaches, and prunes. Additionally, you should avoid milk, ice cream and cheese. Some of these products may not affect you, so if there is something on this list you really think you cannot do without for the next nine months, experiment and see what causes the gas for you as an individual. It is also advisable to keep a record of the food you eat everyday so you can refer back to it to see when the gas started and see if you can recognize and pinpoint which food was the culprit. Just keep in mind that it usually will take around five to six hours for a particular food you have eaten to be turning into a gas.

Exercise to Cure Flatulence

You can kill two birds with one stone by going for a walk. By sitting and doing nothing after a meal will help the gas to sit as well and this will make you feel worse, bloated and often in pain. So have a walk for half an hour to encourage your gas to pass through your digestive tract. This won’t help to stop the gas but it will help preventing it from building up and causing you to be in discomfort.

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