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Many people are scared to go to the dentist's office, mostly because many sounds and instruments just scare the heck out of them. Such are dental drills and many other. Many of these items are the cause of the emotional pain, but there are also painful experiences connected to the visit to the dental office caused mostly by anesthesia and needle injections. Today we see more advanced instruments which reduce the experienced pain.

Dental drill

As we have mentioned, dental drill can be very frightening to some people. It can cause pain without even touching us. Some people get scared when they only hear the dental drill, but there may be a solution for these people, and it is called air abrasion. The process of this instrument is similar to the one of sand blaster, which is used for buildings. It works by sending a mixture of water and aluminum oxide particles and removes the ruined enamel and decayed debris wound on the cavities. This process eliminates the needle use and it is fully painless. So, we can see in the future the elimination of dental drill and incorporation of air abrasion in dental office.


Needles can give quite a scare to some people. The needle is one of the most used parts of equipment in medicine, especially in the stomatology. They are used for administrating anesthetics like lidocaine and others. DentiPatch could make needles thing of the past. It looks like a Band-Aid and it is put on the gums where it releases the lidocaine. It will reach the gum tissue and apply the anesthetic. This can increase the number of visits to the dental office, since the procedure is painless. Remember that injection does not cause the pain, but the pressure created when the anesthetic in inserted. The pain cannot be eliminated even if the dentist is trying to insert the lidocain, which they usually do. There is a solution for this problem called magic wand, which has a microprocessor used to control the insertion of the anesthetic through the needle. In this way, the pain can be reduced or even eliminated.

Electrical nerve stimulation

This can even eliminate the use of anesthesia completely. It produces electricity, which stimulates the mouth. Although, the mechanism is not fully known, scientists think that it eliminates the pain by blocking the nerves and preventing them to send pain impulses. Another theory says that it can cause the release of the painkillers produced in the human body. We have given you several new instruments that may be the future of stomatology, so, even if you are afraid to go and visit the dentist, smile up since the better days for you will probably come very soon.

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