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A number of reasons can cause pain in the chest area. Yet, the reason why this pain is even scarier is the fact that the heart is the first thing we think of when experiencing chest pain. We will discuss about this issue in the following text. This pain can occur anywhere in the chest and even include back, neck area and abdomen. Naturally, pain can be of different intensity from acute to mild. All of these elements determine the cause of the pain, which must be related to the organs in the chest such as lungs, muscles, tissue, esophagus and heart.

If you are experiencing pain below the breastbone, you could suffer from angina. This pain can even happen on left arm, shoulder and jaw, but it always happens on the left side of the chest. Tightness and squeezing can also occur. This condition, caused by lack of blood and oxygen in the heart, is experienced similarly, but in the case of angina the pain is stronger. Heart problems can induce aortic dissection and pericarditis. They produce similar pain but aortic dissection can cause pain even in the back.

Lung diseases such as pleurisy, asthma, or infections like pulmonary embolism or pneumonia can produce pain in the chest. These problems usually cause sharp pain while breathing and coughing. Additionally to the pain, asthma produces hissing sound during breathing and breath shortness.

Pain in the chest wall usually suggests costochondritis. Pain, which occurs usually on the left side but in some cases also on the right side, is intensified if chest are touched or moved. Soreness and inflammation in the cartilage are responsible for this disease.

Chest pain can be a result of problems with digestion. Pain below the breastbone, which gets worst if greasy food is consumed, suggest heartburns. They are induced by gallbladder dysfunction. Pain in the chest area can expand to the ribs and that pain is associated with injuries or infections of muscles, tissues or ribs and even emotional problems. Anxiety and panic attacks can cause this kind of pain.

As we have mentioned at the beginning of the text, chest pain can be a frightening thing. But, if you find yourselves in this situation you should never panic. Sit down and try to relax, and after you calm down seek medical attention. The best thing you can do is relax, go to the doctor who will give exercises, medications, and diet in order to overcome the disease.

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