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There are only few things that a woman can do to prevent the growth of ovarian cyst. Many specialists claim that the risk of development of ovarian cysts significantly reduces when ovulation is stopped and for that reason, they recommend taking of birth control pills. Many studies have been conducted to prove it, but there is also a theory that does not recommend the use of contraceptive pills for prevention of the ovarian cysts since the women might develop polycystic ovarian syndrome.

However, the best prevention from the occurrence of ovarian cysts addresses the cause and therefore, the holistic approach is most recommended when the ovarian cysts are in the question. Ovarian cysts usually occur due to generic factors, but also due to dietary habits and accumulated toxins in the digestive tract. Furthermore, ovarian cysts may be caused by compromised immune system, insulin resistance and obesity. We can see that the majority of causes of ovarian cysts are related to the woman’s lifestyle and in the view of that fact, the prevention can be done after all.

Prevention of ovarian cysts

The women who pay attention to their health and want to prevent the occurrence of ovarian cysts should consume a lot of raw vegetables. There are also certain foods that should be completely avoided, such as dairy products and soy based products. However, before deciding to restrict the diet in order to prevent the ovarian cysts, a doctor should be consulted.

Only organically raised fruits and vegetables should be eaten by women who do not want to face the problem with ovarian cysts. Seafood, fish and organic meat should also be included in the diet. Fresh fruit juice and plenty of water should be consumed every day in order to decrease the chance of developing the ovarian cysts.

The women should also exercise frequently in order to stay in top form and be healthy. From time to time, a detoxification of the whole body should be done in order to eliminate the toxins, which might also contribute to the incidence of ovarian cysts.

Since the ovarian cysts mostly appear due to genetics, it is a good idea to visit a gynecologist at least once a year. If it is earlier detected, the treatment will be prompt and effective. The women whose mother or somebody in a close family suffered from ovarian cyst are at higher risk to develop this disorder.

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