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Diets, herbs and remedies made from Bach Flower can shrinkthe size of an ovarian cyst and correct the hormonal imbalance that led to theformation of the cyst in the first place.

Ovaries are reproductive organs that flank the uterus fromboth sides and they release an egg each month which implants and becomes anembryo. Ovarian cysts are very common in women of all ages and they develop onthe surface of the ovaries due to hormonal imbalances. Various fertility drugscan also by the cause of cyst development. In most cases, ovarian cysts heal ontheir own and cause no trouble, but sometimes women can experience pain,bleeding and painful sexual intercourse. A ruptured cyst requires immediatemedical attention.

Watchful waiting is sometimes the best way to treat ovariancysts. Sometimes hormonal pills are used to shrink the cyst’s size, whilesometimes a surgery needs to be performed. Birth control pills are efficient inregulating the balance of hormones and by doing so they can shrink the cysts.Surgery is required only when the cysts put too much pressure on surroundinginternal organs and put them in danger of rupturing.

There is a large variety of herbs that can be used to treatovarian cysts. Most of them rely on the ability of restoring balance andharmony of hormones and they are also beneficial towards general health andliver cleansing. All the prescribed herbal remedies require some time to cureto cysts, some of them up to six weeks or more.

Chasteberry is very helpful in restoring hormonal balanceand efficiently cures cysts and various other symptoms of menopause. Red cloveris also good in dealing with imbalanced hormones and provides a strongestrogen-like effect.

Black cohosh is very good for the balancing of hormonesand regulation of menstrual cycles. Dandelion and milk thistle are efficientwhen it comes to cleansing. Wild Yam is also known for its hormonal balancingproperties. Bee pollen can provide overall strength and support during thetreatment of ovarian cysts. Various types of Bach Flower remedies can be usedalone or combined with wild oats, red chestnut or walnut to give extraordinaryresults in the treatment of ovarian cysts.

Some studies have shown that the excessive ingestion of meat andcheese products can lead to a higher risk of the development of ovarian cysts.Fruits and vegetables should be consumed as much as possible as well as the wholegrains. Sugar and white flour should be avoided as well.

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