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Information on Nutmeg

Nutmeg is a certain type of spice which is commonly obtainedfrom the nutmeg tree which is an evergreen one. The botanical name for thenutmeg tree is myristica fragrans. Nutmeg originates from Indonesia and it ischaracterized by a brown color and an oval shape. Nutmeg is the seed of thetree, contrary to the popular belief that its name implies. It is commonly usedfor a wide array of different types of culinary uses. In spite of itsoverwhelming popularity, there are also some of its properties which mostpeople are actually not aware of. Nutmeg may be considered as a toxic and apsychoactive substance as well. Some people refer to these properties as thenutmeg high effect. Nutmeg actually belongs to the family of deliriant drugsbecause it contains a certain psychoactive chemical compound which isscientifically referred to as myristicin. This compound may be triggeringhallucinations when taken in substantial amounts and it can be considered aspotentially narcotic. Due to the presence of this chemical compound, nutmeg maysometimes trigger certain effects which are similar to the effects ofmarijuana.

Nutmeg can be used for the preparation of numerous differenttypes of meals, but it is usually used for the preparation of eggnog. The aforementionedhallucinating effects of nutmeg are usually not associated with the consumptionof nutmeg because one needs to use just a sprinkle. A narcotic reaction inducedby nutmeg may only occur if a person consumes a dose which is between 5 and 15grams of nutmeg. Such narcotic reactions usually occur only after a few hoursand they can be mild or full blown deliriant experiences characterized byauditory and visual hallucinations.

Nutmeg Side Effects

The consumption of nutmeg in excessive amounts can be associatedwith a wide array of side effects, but the most common ones include abdominalspasms, constipation, insomnia, fever, irritation of the skin, body pain, drymouth, dehydration, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, palpitations, convulsions andthe aforementioned visual and auditory hallucinations. Some people use nutmegas a recreational drug in spite of the fact that it has a very strong taste andthat it can be associated with certain side effects. The nutmeg’s taste isincredibly bitter so that is why it is not usually consumed directly. Even if aperson experiences any of the aforementioned side effects, there is no need toworry because most of them tend to last only for short periods of time.

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