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It is not uncommon for people to suffer from a certain condition called numbness in leg. There are lots of people all over the world who do suffer from it. People wonder what the reasons that lead to this condition are and they need to know that there is no one reason but lots of them.

Numbness in leg - general info

People need to know that this condition can be a temporary one and in that case it will be easily cured after a short period of time. However, if it is not, it may suggest that people might be suffering from some complex medical problem. It is best that people get to know these causes in order for the problem to be spotted as early as possible and than it can be treated in its early stages.

Causes of numbness in leg

Every person is aware of the fact that nerves run through the entire body. If one of the nerves gets damaged, a person may end up suffering from numbness in leg and that is one of the most common causes that lead to that condition. Nerves can even succumb to certain diseases and that as well can lead to numbness in leg. The compression of the nerves is known to be a pretty common cause of numbness in leg and people should know that there are several causes that might lead to the compression of the nerves. Trauma, swelling and a certain kind of disease are only some of them. A person should know that any problems with the nerves need to be treated in order for the numbness to be avoided. Even alcohol, nicotine and lead intake can damage the nerves and people should limit the intake of these substances in order to avoid it.

Other causes

Another cause of numbness in legs is blockage in the arteries. Leprosy, syphilis and polyarteritis nodosa are also known to cause the numbness as well. Overexposure to cold is another reason that can lead to numbness in legs. It is not uncommon for a person who suffers from stroke, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and radiation therapy to experience numbness in the legs. Certain tumor types, like tumor in the spinal cord and brain can also be the cause of numbness in the legs. Consumption of certain medications has also cause numbness in legs in some situations.

Medical care for numbness in legs

First of all, people should go to the hospital if the experience the numbness especially if it occurs after an injury to the head or back. Certain symptoms like dizziness, weakness and urination problems should not be neglected.

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