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Nervous breakdown is a widely used term, but it is not a clinical term. People use it for dysfunctional, suicidal behavior or for inability to live in the real world. Nervous breakdown means that such people are completely disrupted in their functioning, they have no abilities to perform simple tasks, they live in a world of their own and can even try to harm themselves. If any of these behaviors are present, than a person should go to the hospital or seek for help from a psychiatrist. People can sometimes use this term to describe their nervousness or distress in everyday life. We all say sometimes “I am going to have a nervous breakdown” when something or someone is annoying us. That is why the term 'mental breakdown' is used to describe psychiatric conditions.

Causes of nervous breakdown

Anxiousness that lasts a long time and panic attacks that are reoccurring can often be the cause of the nervous breakdown. Also, depressive states accompanied by lack of energy and suicidal thoughts can result in nervous breakdown, too. However, the cause of this condition can even be sorrow, grief, getting fired, not doing well at school, losing your loved one or going through any kind of stressful period in life. Feelings that are overwhelming sufferers in these kinds of situations are pretty strong and sometimes unbearable. It seems like nervous breakdown comes out of nowhere, but that is not true. When individuals are experiencing some psychological problems in their lives, they should seek for medical attention, because if they don’t look for someone who can help them, distress and tension can accumulate and result in nervous breakdown.

Not only anxiety disorders and depression can induce nervous breakdown. Schizophrenia and affective disorders are also associated with this condition. However, every of these disorders usually existed before the mental breakdown occurred. These conditions should be treated and the most effective treatments are psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy. Also, sometimes a hospitalization is needed so that the professional could observe how the patient reacts to the treatment and provide more effective one if the patient is not getting any better.

When to seek help

Many people are not willing to see a professional when they are going through hard and stressful periods in life. This is a big mistake, because the final result of this prolonged distress can actually be nervous breakdown. On the other hand, those who were ready to go to the therapy and use drugs when the first signs of stress and tension appeared, managed to prevent nervous breakdown. Therapy can be extremely helpful for individuals who are going through hard period. When you have someone who supports you psychologically, it gives you the strength to overcome all the difficulties.

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