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If you are PMS (premenstrual syndrome) sufferer, then hormonal roller coaster is playing with you every month. If you want to relieve the collection of uncomfortable symptoms (btw, did you know that there are more than more than 150 symptoms of premenstrual symptoms), the following tips will come more than handy.

Food cravings as a sign of premenstrual syndrome

If you want to overcome food cravings that are associated with PMS and most of all prevent overeating, you must make sure to keep your sugar levels in blood stable. This means you should stay away from sugary bombs such as chocolate and salty and fatty snacks such as chips. You will be able to control these cravings if you keep your sugar levels in blood under control. I know this might sound as a cliche, but this sugar control can be done by eating healthy which means eating carbs that are processed for a longer period of time and are full of fibers. For example, this includes whole grains, nuts, fruits and veggies and lean proteins such as skinless chicken and fish. Also, make sure to eat small meals, which is also one of the ways to avoid overeating.

Evening primrose oil to cope with breast tenderness

Some people swear by herbal remedy, called evening primrose oil: they say it immediately relieves PMS, including breast tenderness. However, there is not enough scientific data that could support these claims. However, if you use herbal remedies make sure you buy them from a reliable source, and most of all do not mix them with other prescription medications without the knowledge of your doctor.

I am moody PMS?

Moodiness is a very common PMS syndrome and most women deal with it. If you want to overcome moodiness, try following herbal remedy: 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan). 5-HTP is a natural mood enhancer an extracts of the plan improves sleep, increases serotonin levels also known as happiness hormone and reduces anxiety. Calcium is another supplement that could help you improve your mood. You will find it in yogurt or certain fruits, such as oranges.

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