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Evening primrose oil is derived from a wildflower which israther common in the United States. It can be purchased in its liquid form andit the form of capsules. One should take notice that the United States Food andDrug Administration has not reviewed evening primrose oil for effectiveness orsafety when used for certain medicinal purposes. Evening primrose oil shouldnot be taken without consulting the healthcare provider or at least apharmacist. It is used for medicinal purposes only in oral way, and one shouldalways follow the directions closely when using this type of product. The directionsare commonly included on the package or are handed by the pharmacist orhealthcare provider. If one experiences any side effects or additional medicalproblems, immediate medical attention needs to be sought.

Evening Primrose Oil Benefits

Evening primrose oil is considered to be the most sensationpreventive discovery ever since the discovery of vitamin C. it is highlybeneficial because it contains a certain compound which is known asphenylalanine. This chemical compound is very efficient in relieving painfulsensations so that is why evening primrose oil can be used for the treatment ofchronic headaches. According to numerous studies taken everywhere around theworld, the evening primrose oil can be used for the prevention and treatment ofnumerous other medical conditions such as schizophrenia, pre menstrualsyndrome, obesity, weight control, multiple sclerosis, different symptoms ofmenopause, hyperactivity in children, heart disease, acne and similar skinrelated conditions, alcoholism and all problems commonly related with thenatural process of aging. A large number of herbalists recommend using eveningprimrose oil for the prevention of disease and maintenance of youth. Another importanthealth of evening primrose oil is that it contains a large amount of a certaintype of omega-6 essential fatty acid called GLA. This essential fatty acid isalso responsible for numerous therapeutic properties of the evening primroseoil. The evening primrose is one of the rare medicinal herbs which contain thisacid in such substantial amounts. Another important type of omega-6 essentialfatty acid besides the gamma linoleic acid is linoleic acid and it can also befound in the evening primrose oil in significant amounts. These acids are ofutmost importance in improving the cell structure and the elasticity of theskin. They are also very efficient when it comes to regulating certainimportant types of hormones and improving the functioning of the nerves. Since theybalance the hormones very efficiently, the evening primrose oil is very goodfor the overall health of the breast tissue. The inflammatory prostaglandinsget released during menstruation but the evening primrose oil comes in veryhandy in inhibiting those. It is also very efficient in relieving thediscomfort commonly associated with menopause, pre menstrual syndrome,fibrocystic breasts and endometriosis. Inflammations, carbohydrate cravings,irritable bowel syndrome and breast tenderness, along with the menstrual crampsare easily alleviated by using evening primrose oil. This type of oil is alsovery helpful when it comes to promoting the absorption of iodine.

Side Effects and Interactions

Just like any other type of medication, herbal remedy orother substance used for medicinal purposes, evening primrose oil may beassociated with certain types of side effects and the most common of them allinclude headaches, soft stools, nausea and an upset stomach. Some rare casesmay even lead to the development of certain allergic reactions which can becharacterized by troubled breathing, severe dizziness, swelling of the throat,swelling of the tongue, swelling of the face, itching and skin rash. One shouldalways consult the doctor before using primrose evening oil. The doctor needsto be informed about all the allergies a person has. Those who suffer fromliver disease, alcohol dependence or diabetes need to be extra careful beforetaking evening primrose oil. One should be well aware of the fact that eveningprimrose oil may also be involved in certain drug interactions. Among the mostcommon drugs with which it interacts include blood thinners such as Aspirin,different types of anti platelet drugs, several herbal remedies and some formsof nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs. If a person experiences an eveningprimrose oil overdose, he or she needs to seek immediate medical attentionbecause poisoning may occur. If a person misses a dose of evening primrose oil,he or she should never double the dose in order to catch up.

PMS and evening primrose oil

According to numerous theories about the infamouspremenstrual syndrome there are different causes and contributing factors whichtrigger it. In most cases, the main cause of premenstrual syndrome is a hormonecalled prolactin which gets secreted in higher levels than usual. The pituitarygland, located at the base of the brain is in charge of secreting prolactin.Evening primrose oil is very efficient in controlling the effects of thoseexcessive amounts of prolactin.

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