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PMS, or the premenstrual syndrome, is a pattern of the symptoms that manifest themselves for about a week or two from the onset of the actual period. The hormones during the premenstrual syndrome can truly be out of control and the syndrome has basically become a synonym for a kind of irrational, nervous behavior.

Why do the symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome manifest themselves?

The reasons for the appearance of the premenstrual syndrome do not go much further from the changes in the hormone levels. Or at least that’s the only known reason for it. What happens just before experiencing PMS is that the levels estrogen and progesterone suddenly drop significantly, which makes the hormone aldosterone increase the amount of its secretions. Here is where the problem lies because aldosterone is the hormone which controls the emotional state of mind of a woman. Too much secretion from this hormone will basically evoke chaos in her head which she can’t really control, so that accounts for most of the unreasonable, overly dramatic behavior.

What are the symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome?

Thesymptoms of PMS are not only of emotional nature, but they are physical as well.

When it comes to physical symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome, the general feeling of drowsiness is almost inevitable. Complete lethargy and weariness also occur quite frequently. But these are basically the mildest physical symptoms possible, as some people have to deal with all kinds of aches, such as back pain, sore breasts, aching muscles and headaches. Also, the woman is likely to feel like she’s doubled her weight and generally experience bloating even when no food’s been consumed and difficulty properly digesting the eaten food even when the intake of fluids is as high as it should be.

As for the emotional symptoms of PMS, they are mostly characterized as mood swings. These mood swings can be quite intense, as a person can go from being inconsolable about an issue, to being the happiest person in the world in a matter of no time whatsoever. The negative part of the mood swings can be so severe that it qualifies as real depression. Irritation, annoyance and anger about pretty much anything are some other symptoms of the syndrome. PMS can actually be manifested through a number of different issues. One of them is a complete inability to focus and some other include impatience and indecision in the majority of actions.

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