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Remedies for Acid Reflux

Given the fact that it is a fairly common phenomenon and a frequently occurring condition, accordingly there exists a variety of medications which can be employed for the effective treatment of acid reflux (or GERD as it is also known). The following medications fall into the category of the most recommended and frequently employed ones in the treatment of this awkward condition.

Nexium Oral - The medication known as the esomeprazole falls into the category of proton pump inhibitors. Its primary function is related to stopping the production of acid in our stomach, and it is most frequently employed in remedying and “healing” problems directly related to the excessive production of acid in stomach and throat. This is extremely important, since diminishing acid levels in the stomach can alleviate many symptoms like problems with swallowing, heartburn, cough that refuses to go away, and sleeping problems.Prevacid Oral – just like its predecessor, lansoprazole’s primary benefit is stopping the superfluous stomach acid production, and just like the previous medication, it falls into the same proton pump inhibitor group, and is employed in treating the same causes and symptoms, which arise from the presence of greater quantities of stomach acid. Another benefit is that it has the ability to ward off and stop severe digestive system damages, due to presence of acid, such as ulcers and even esophagus cancer.Zantac Oral – for the treatment of stomach ulcers and intestine ulcers the best medication is considered to be ranitidine, which is also extremely effective in warding those ulcers for good. Another usage is in putting a stop to conditions such as Zollinger-Ellison syndrome and erosive esophagus, which are initiated by the presence of excessive stomach acid.Aciphex Oral – another in line of beneficial proton pump inhibitors is rabeprazole, medication employed when there is necessity to block the production of acid in our stomach. The primary use is in putting an end to all the stomach and throat excessive acid related issues and conditions.Antacid Oral – the medicine in question is most often employed when there is a need to ameliorate and ward off such symptoms that arise from excessive concentration of acid in the stomach. These symptoms include acid indigestion, heartburn and stomach upset as well. Another usage is in alleviating the prevailing symptoms like too much gas such as bloating, belching and feeling that your stomach is under a lot of pressure and is about to pop.

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