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A migraine is a kind of recurring headache that is quite strong and characterized by sharp piercing pain that is likely to affect only one side of the head. This condition falls under the category of neurological disorders. It is often followed by numerous side effects, some of which include nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness as well as problems with digestion. This condition is so intense that it completely disrupts all the everyday activities and routines because the person suffering from it is simply not able to perform any kind of duty or activity.

How to prevent migraine?

While there is no way or technique that will guarantee that migraine will never return again, there are ways that will considerably reduce its occurrence. As everyone is probably familiar with, particularly those people who are actually suffering from this condition, migraine is very frequently the result of high levels of stress and anxiety.

One of the ways to try and prevent migraine is through a healthy diet. The way to do this is by taking in the minerals that were proven to be successful in fighting away the migraine. These minerals are calcium and magnesium. They can be found in abundance in dark green leafy vegetables. Apart from those, they can also be taken into the organism through food types such as beans, whole grains and dairy products.

How to cure the existing migraine?

One of the simplest and most effective ways to make the migraine go away is by pressing a towel holding the ice on the aching spot. The coldness of ice will numb the area where it’s pressed to, thereby also numbing the pain.

Another way to fight off the migraine is by consuming vast amounts of salt. That means that all those unhealthy foods are very much welcome in this case. This includes everything from corn chips to fried food.

It’s also a good idea to retire to a quiet dark room while going through a migraine because it makes the person very sensitive to both light and sound, which can only contribute to the pain.

These are just some of the tricks that have been proven to be successful in dealing with migraines and that can bring a considerable amount of immediate relief. Unfortunately, an ultimate cure for migraines simply does not yet exist. Therefore, the above-mentioned tricks do not always work, or when they do work, they don’t exactly take care of the whole problem, but rather just lessen it.

But, there really isn’t anything else that can be done in such situations. One of the best things to do is pay attention to when the migraines usually happen and find out what triggers them. This is different for every individual, but when this is done, one will be able to feel a migraine coming and potentially stop it every once in a while.

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