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Syphilis is the most painful disease that can hit reproductive organs. It’s contagious and it gets developed rather slowly. At its beginning phases it’s reflected by minor infection but in its final stage it shows decay similar to that caused by severe tuberculoses and leprosy. It gets acquired by unprotected sexual intercourse or a physical contact with a person who already suffers from syphilis. The acquired form of syphilis is divided into three stages: primary, secondary and tertiary and they quiet often merge into one another.

In the first phase, one may notice skin sores which can be treated easily. The second phase hits with fever, pain, chest rash and a loss of appetite. Mouth sores, mental deterioration and bone inflammation may also appear. Masses of gummata appear on the skin, brain and spinal cord during the third phase. Aneurysms, paralysis and mental failure can also be present in the third phase. Inherited types of syphilis affects the foetus and may cause deformities and even miscarriage.

Some of the natural remedies can help with the first stage of syphilis but if it progresses to the second stage it is always best to consult a physician.

A therapy consisting of ten grams of hirankhuri booti ground in water along with five grains of pepper should be taken strained along the period of two to three weeks. If one cannot obtain hirankhuri booti, an alternative can be found in yellow thistle.

Another useful therapy consists of five pepper grains and ten grams of nigand babri which one steeps in water during the night and then drinks in the morning. Another even more useful remedy consists of Blue Vitriol calx taken twice a day with cream or butter.

A patient should use 10 grams per dosage, and no water should be ingested in the few hours following the dosage. People suffering from syphilis should be very careful with their daily diet. It must contain no salt because excessive intake of salt may hinder the recovery. Substances that possess sour, bitter and pungent properties should definitely be avoided.

One other important aspect to the treatment of syphilis is the preventive one. People who suffer from syphilis should be avoided, at least for the physical contact. Sexual intercourse with promiscuous partners usually leads to trouble as well. Syphilis may even reappear after a few years after successful healing. Sexual activity is therefore strictly forbidden for a few years after the disease has been cured.

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