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The main cancer in the liver is a growth that has developed in the tissues according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI). There is something called a metastatic liver cancer, this actually starts in a different organ in the body and then spreads to liver and hepatocellular carcinoma is the most common form of chief liver cancer. It actually accounts for eighty four percent of all cancers to the liver. There are many different risks and complications with cancer of the liver. It makes up 84 percent of liver cancer cases. There are several potential complications associated with cancer of the liver.

Risks of liver cancer.

No one knows exactly how someone will get cancer of the liver. The National Cancer Institute presume that hepatitis B and/or C and far too much drinking of alcohol will be high risk factors of cancer to the liver. Cirrhosis takes credit for approximately eighty percent of liver cancers according to the American Liver Foundations. People that are sufferers of diabetes and/or obesity could also be a larger risk candidate for cancer of the liver.

Symptoms of liver cancer.

In the beginning of liver cancer the patient may not notice any symptoms of the cancer however later on the signs will be fairly easy to spot for example ache in the upper right side of the stomach, abdominal inflating and a bump and/or a weighty feeling in the upper stomach. Some more signs of liver cancer can be weakness, exhaustion, sickness, vomiting and jaundice, which is a yellow colour to the skin and the patients eyes, they might also have a light-colored feces and dark colour to the urine.

Liver Biopsy for cancer

When your doctor performs an x ray they might find a lump, if so they will probably want to do a biopsy by placing in a needle through the stomach to retrieve a minute piece of tissue to check and examine.The National Cancer Institute says there is very little risk with taking a biopsy however if there was to be a complication then it will happen within just a few hours after the biopsy is taken.

Treatment of liver cancer

It will all depend on where exactly the cancer is and at what stage it is at. It will also depend on whether you have been identified with cirrhosis and if your liver is working correctly still. If the cancer is small then a transplant can work and sometimes if it’s very small then a simple medicine can do the trick.

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