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Jock itch is a fungalinfection which manifests itself as red and itchy skin, followed by rash. Itusually affects those parts of the body which are moister and warmer than therest of the body. Jock itch typically involves genitals, inner part of thetights, groins and buttocks. It is more common in men than in women and itusually occurs in those people who sweat a lot or have a problem with weight.

It is not a seriouscondition but it can be very uncomfortable and irritating. Beside theirritation, the symptoms of jock itch include redness of the affecter skin,itchiness, burning and rash which can cause the skin to peel or tear.

The best prevention isto keep the parts of the body which can be infected dry and clean. You shouldnot wear tight clothes and you should wear comfortable underwear made ofnatural materials. Jock itch is contagious and sexual intercourse is notadvised during the infection. Also sharing personal things such as towels arenot recommended.

You should visit thedoctor if the symptoms remain or get worse after two weeks. People who haveweak immune system can be affected more severely by the symptoms and shouldseek medical advice for treating jock itch. In some cases swelling and fevercan occur.

The treatment for jockitch is usually using creams, lotions, sprays, balms or powders with antifungalproperties. The doctor may advise you to take ally amines which are a type ofantifungal medications. Ally amines such as Naftifine or Terbinafine are veryeffective and they shorten the duration of the treatment, but the downside isthat they are expensive. Another type of antifungal medications is azoles. Theyneed to be used for a longer time but they are cheaper. You can use azoles suchas Clotrimazole or Miconazole. Both of these types of medications can be boughtover the counter and they are usually used for treating mild to moderatesymptoms.

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