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Jock itch is considered a rather frequent fungal infection affecting the groin area as well as the upper thighs. Another name for jock itch is tinea cruris and it predominantly affects men.

The infective agent responsible for skin inflammation and the very infection is fungus belonging to Dermatophytes. The reason why jock itch occurs is because the affected areas are prone to excessive sweating and if moist remains present for some time, this allows fungi to multiply and initiate inflammation.

Who is Affected by Jock Itch?

In the majority of cases jock itch affects athletes because they sweat a lot. Also, the condition is more reported among men than women.

Basically, any sweat while participating in any kind of physical activity that accumulates in the groin area, sweat associated with hot and humid weather as well as friction of tight clothes that lasts for some time may trigger jock itch. It is also possible to develop jock itch if an individual takes clothes of a person already suffering from this fungal infection.

Some people are prone to jock itch because of the conditions they are suffering from. These include patients with diabetes, obese individuals and people with weakened immune system.Jock Itch Clinical Characteristics

Fortunately, jock itch is not as severe as are all other forms of tinea infections. Still, if left untreated, even jock itch may cause serious complications.

The affected skin is covered with red, raised and circular rash with slightly elevated edges. The one complains about unbearable itching and burning sensation. Progression of the infection is accompanied by skin flaking, peeling and cracking.Treatment Options for Jock Itch

Many times the infection is treated with over-the-counter antifungal creams, powders and sprays and there is no need to consult a doctor. However, if these measures fail to eradicate the infection, a person is due to consult a health care provider and have some antifungal medications prescribed.

The affected skin must be kept impeccably clean and dry. Once cleaned the skin is supposed to be covered with a cream, powder or spray. The underwear must be made of natural fibers and towels used in the affected area must never be used for other body parts because the infection may spread.Jock Itch - Prevention

The infection can be prevented with showers and baths taken every day, especially immediately after physical activity and sports. The area prone to infection should be kept dry at all times. Sharing towels is strictly forbidden. And finally, professional athletes should wash their supporters as often as possible.

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