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National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) kicked off on April 25th and runs through May 2nd. I am not well familiar with awareness month/weeks/days campaigns, but this one well this one I think it definitely deserves to be mentioned on a site that deals with fertility and infertility, don't you think? Additionally, there is a fertility awareness month, June that is. Supposedly, it is a month when fertility and infertility organizations come together and all kinds of fertility awareness events are held.

I think educational campaigns should contribute the most and what could be more educational than advocating than for example Chlamydia can cause infertility? And this is only one topic that popped up there are so many topics that need to be introduced publicly and that need public support. The fact is that awareness events like National Infertility Awareness Week, that is happening right now, that is form April 25th to May 2nd, are important fund raising vehicles for non profits. They are the ones that should create awareness activities and events. Not sending cards, and putting awareness ribbons on facebook profiles. Sorry, inventors, but eCards are not inventive! Pardon my language, this is not awareness activity. This is pure bullshit. Nothing. It bores me, it bores you and it bores everyone else.

It is time to do something new. It is time to create an event. It is time to be amazed. Amazed by infertility? How? The idea from Pamela Madsen, one of the nation's most outspoken and recognized fertility educators and patient advocates, amazed me. She is asking herself (and her readers) what would happen if Obama would start to stimulate families and this way achieve the stimulation of the economy. Her idea is amazing! She says: "What if millions of baby dolls were sent to the White House from all of us in a united campaign with a message about infertility and the longing for family." Then a huge empty baby stroller rally was held in front of the White House with us asking for insurance coverage and fertility grants to support families being built in this country! This is a huge message! We really need to send a message like this! We can't get arrested for that, right? So, perhaps an idea for next year's awareness week, what do you think?

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