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We will talk about the problem which may encounter a pug. Just like any other kind of dog, pugs are not without problem, so we will try to bring them closer to you. Breathing problems, like air gulping, can be produced because of their shortened muzzle. This can lead to many other problems if it occurs in more humid and hot climate areas, so remember this, when you are considering to buy an air conditioning device. It may be very important for your pug.

The mentioned shortened muzzle, also called brachiocephalic, causes breathing problems, heavy panting and wheezing. If your dog is suffering from heat distress, you can cool him with cold water and then take him to the veterinarian office. He may perform a cooled water enema in order to eliminate the mentioned problem. This treatment will normalize the temperature. There are ice collars available and they may be good answer for the heat distresses. The problems as bulging eyes and abnormalities of eyelids and eyelashes are possible. When the eyes bulge, they can be scratched. Also, their undershot jaw can be the cause of some gum and tooth troubles. Mouth tumors are a possible danger, so get your pug to the veterinarian for mouth examination regularly. This may prevent the future problems. Remember that your dog also has to brush teeth, so do this every day in order to eliminate the chances of gum problems. We will give you several possible problems pugs may suffer from.


The curled snout and flat face may cause some breathing problems. Pugs will snuff, snort and snore. This has to be treated by a professional. This breed of dog can have some problems with anesthesia when they undergo a surgery. We have mentioned the heat as a possible problem. The heat can produce exhaustion and serious illness. Panting will not remove this problem. Remember that you have to make sure your pug always has enough of water and keep the outdoors walks short. There are some allergens which pugs cannot tolerate. When this happens, they will experience itchy ears and paws. Skin spots can also occur. Fleas and mites can also be responsible for allergies, so be aware of them.


Since, their snout causes the breathing problems, a certain surgery can remove this problem. This is a simple and minor operation, which will clear the air passages without any problems. The anesthesia is given for this surgery, along with antibiotics, which will prevent infections. Veterinarian may also give some pain medications for the several days after the surgery.

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