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Newborns aren't capable of doing much with their body, which comes in quite handy when you need to put them down for a moment. Plenty of moms leave their baby on the big bed for just a second, while going to the toilet, to answer the call after a diaper change, or to tend to a tantrumming older child. That tiny baby only needs a while before it can somehow move its arms and legs to move about and... fall off the bed!

Almost every new parent has had their baby fall off the bed or couch at least once. They were so sure that the baby couldn't move, but then it happened anyway, and a loud cry made them rush to their little one only to find him or her on the floor. What do you do now? Is your baby injured in anyway? These moments leave us feeling like terrible, negligent parents. But babies are more resilient than they look, and babies who fall off the bed are just fine in the vast majority of cases.

Here's what to do if you are a scared, googling parent whose baby has just fallen off the bed or some other surface:Do a rough check is your baby easily soothed when you pick her up, or is she in real pain? Do you notice any broken bones? Or is it just a bump? If you see a bump, that's probably where your baby landed. If you notice broken bones, call an ambulance. If your baby is fine, call your baby's pediatrician only if you find yourself worrying about brain damage, internal bleeding, and other scary stuff that is unlikely to have happened.

Don't place your baby on your bed unattended anymore. His crib, car seat, or playpen are great, safe places. You can also get a baby carrier to take your baby with you.

My daughter fell off the bed when she was about a month old. I was terribly scared and sure something was wrong with her. I called the pediatrician, and was certain that he would think I was a horrible mother who didn't deserve to have that sweet baby. That's not what happened instead, he thought I was slightly hysterical and shouldn't worry, because nothing is wrong. We went in for a checkup the next day. Today, this kid is a clever five year-old who has nothing wrong with her.

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