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There is no person that hasn't experienced some form of the muscle discomfort, ranging from mild to real pain. Muscles, as all soft tissues in the body, are easily hurt, and there are various acute and chronic muscle problems.

The best way to deal with any muscle difficulty is to talk to a massage therapist, physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath. All these people might be able to help you, since all these methods include the activation of soft tissues.

Massage Therapy

People that never had a massage therapy might be unwilling to try a massage or be a little nervous, not knowing what to expect there. They should know certain things before the start of the treatment, such as clothing issues, consultation with the therapist, what to do if they feel discomfort at any point.

Before the TreatmentLocal massage therapist, with the references from someone from your family or friends might be a good choice for you. If no one went to a massage therapist, don’t worry. Simply visit the local massage clinic, find a massage therapist that might be able to help you and consult him/her. Usually, you are expected to inform the therapist about your condition and medical problems you experience. The therapist needs to know as much detail as possible, in order to recommend the appropriate treatment for your specific case and to be able to guarantee your safety during the therapy.

After the consult, the therapist will suggest the treatments that may help you, and you will have to decide which one suits you best.

There will be several oils that therapist might use. Usual oils for the massage are: tea tree oil, cajeput, or lavender, but there are plenty of other oils that are also beneficial and which will decrease the swelling and irritation.

Most therapists prefer their patients to have no clothes, but if you are not comfortable with that discuss it with your therapist and find the solution. You can be draped or sometimes you don’t need to take your clothes off at all.

In most cases, you will be lying on the massage table for the whole treatment, but sometimes you might be asked to change the position. Some therapist prefer talking to the client, some like silence. Say your preference and discuss it with the therapist before the treatment.

After the TreatmentAfter the massage treatment your body may be oily. Usually, the therapist will help you to remove excess oil from your body to keep your clothes clean.

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