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Can supplements prevent breast cancer?

This article deals with the women who want to improve their health and prevent breast cancer from developing. According to The Health Daily News women who prefer to take multivitamins besides the regular intake of calcium have decreased their chances in breast cancer development. A particular study on this subject was conducted and the results were astonishing. It wasn’t established which vitamins in particular decreased the chances, it may be a combination of more vitamins according to the research. Dr. Jaime Matta, a well-known professor of pharmacology stated that the full result and its good side was determined by multivitamins. She also noted that vitamins have better influence on our immunity when they are combined, than when separately consumed. Dr. Manuel Bayona suggested a major influence of multivitamins and calcium intake in reducing chances of breast cancer. He also agreed with his colleague that it wasn’t determined which vitamins in particular have effect of breast cancer as they were consumed as multivitamins.

On the other hand, some discoveries suggest that some vitamins, particularly vitamins C and E, don’t have influence on breast cancer prevention. The research that was mentioned in the first part of this text led to much confusion among experts in this field. They agree on the statement that this study is too small for being mentioned at some big medical seminars.

The Study

The women who participated in this research were from the same area, Puerto Rico. 268 of women were taking vitamins and calcium and they all had breast cancer. Another 457 women didn’t have breast cancer and they also took vitamins and calcium. The doctors measured the DNA capacity repair, because it is closely connected to some types of breast cancer. In this study, women were at an older age and their DNA capacity was lower, and also women who didn’t breastfeed had a higher risk of breast cancer development. The results were the following: the risk of tumor development was decreased to 30 % because of multivitamin intake, while calcium supplements reduced the risk to 40%. The calcium intake, however, influenced only the DNA repair and therefore the tumors, while with vitamins the results were different, as they had influence beyond the DNA repair.

The creators of this study want to find ways that can exploit the role and capacity of DNA as a marker for risk from breast cancer. But, there are some who don’t take much notice to this study, saying that it isn’t convincing enough in order to be recognized.

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