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Bhateri Devi, India's oldest triplet mom at 66 years of age, has just lost one of her triplets. The smallest of the babies, called Bupesh, passed away last week. The other two triplets, who have dangerously low birth weights as well, as still alive and being cared for. One Indian newspaper reports that Bupesh died at a child care center it is difficult to know what they mean by that, but I would have to assume that they are talking about a children's hospital, or some Indian equivalent of the NICU.

The ever controversial fertility clinic that treated Bhateri Devi, and implanted three embryos all at once into a 66 year old woman, denies having any responsibility for the death of the baby. They made a statement saying that they are just helping women of Haryana, where they are based, and the world. After one month, whatever goes wrong is not the responsibility of the clinic, IVF specialist Dr Anurag Bishnoi was quoted as saying. The surviving triplets are now at 1.2 and 1.3 kilos. Bupesh only weighed 780 grams when he was born. It is hard to imagine what he would have looked like, isn't it? But he was certainly not ready for life outside of the uterus at that weight.

The babies father confirmed that Bupesh died, adding that he felt fortunate his wife and other two children were doing fine. This reminds me of the story of a friend of mine, who lived and studied in India when her father in law had a heart attack. They sent him home three days after his heart attack from a hospital with no equipment, though they did comment the man should go and see a specialist in another town. His family then insisted he take a shower before taking public transport to the other town. He had another heart attack while showering, and died this time. It does appear that the value of human life is simply less in India.

Not really surprising, given that there are so very many Indians on the sub continent. I do feel truly sorry for this little, tiny little baby though, and I also don't understand how the clinic can say that the death was not their responsibility. Surely, such a low birth weight, which at the very least must have contributed to the death, has everything to do with being born to such an old mother, with two other siblings in the same uterus at the same time? Allowing Bhateri Devi to have IVF treatment was not "helping her" - I believe that it was highly unethical, and plain dangerous.

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