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Fascia consecutive degeneration and inflammation iscalled plantar fasciitis and the plantar fasciitis taping technique is the way in which this problem can be treated, since it will decrease the inflammation and the pain.This painful and severe issue affects the plantar fascia, which is flat andlong ligament found at the foot's bottom area and which is attached to the heel.This ligament suffers several tears and degenerates gradually over the periodof time, and also it is found in all five toe fingers


Back heel tendons that are tight, flat feet, abnormal inward feettwisting and other biomechanical factors can lead to the plantar fasciitis.During walking or standing activity, the arch becomes lower and this will lead tothe excessive pronation and plantar fascia extended tension. Also, when westand or walk for a longer period of time, the feet suffer continuous pressure, which can also lead to the plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia can become torn andworn due to exercising, jogging and running. Other possible causes areflimsy sandals, improperly cushioned shoes, being overweight, while a number of other factorscan develop the problem in question or make it worse if it is already present.Older people experience heel tissue weakening and this can cause the ligamentwearing and tearing. The cause of the problem can also be foot injury.

Taping Treatment

Ligament will feel less pressure and it will be more supported due to thetaping, which is very effective in treating this problem. This will reduce thepain and the excessive stretching and movement are prevented, which willprevent additional tearing. You can get the athletic tape everywhere today andthis is the most popular tape for this purpose. We will tell you how to use thistape in the following lines. The area around the feet's balls should be tapedand the heel area should be wrapped with the other tape piece. The tapes shouldbe connected and then you should put the strip of the tape on the metatarsalregion. Then, the mid foot area should be crossed and you will reach the heelthen, which should be wrapped with the mid foot area crossed again. The resultwill look like an X sign and by doing this three times, the ligament will havea strong support and hold it up really good. The precious strip then needs tobe wrapped horizontally around the feet, and this will make the area from theheel to the metatarsal area totally covered. Neverkeep this tape during the whole day because the skin has to breathe, so takethe tape of from time to time. Remember to make the feet clean and dry whenapplying the tape.The treatment will depend on many factors but we suggest that you implementadditional method of treatment, such as Achilles stretch, toe walking or bench stretches,to get the best treatment results. All of this will make the plantar fasciastrong and flexible once again.

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