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Arthritis is a disease known from the ancient times. Evenif it is not something new, many people still don’t know some basic informationabout this disease and they believe in some irrational facts they gathered overtime. Perhaps you or your parents or neighbors don’t know all about arthritis. Ifthis is the case, this article will help you discover what is true and what is not.

Arthritis Is Serious

Only someone who never had anyone suffering from this medicalcondition may say that arthritis is not serious. Only in the United Statesthere are more than 40 million of people currently suffering from arthritis. Everyyear, more than 750.000 of these patients end up in the hospital because of arthritisand the costs connected to this condition amount to over $86 billion per year.

People affected by arthritis need medical help andthese costs are known as direct medical costs. They include fees for the healthcare professionals helping people with arthritis, then charges for various laboratorytests, drugs, required surgeries and for assistive devices helping thesepatients to walk and perform their everyday tasks. However, there are also someindirect costs for people suffering from arthritis. These patients can’t work,so there are lost wages. Intangible costs include work productive time of thepatient’s family. Someone looking after an arthritis patient can’t work,because he or she needs to take care of the relative. Traveling for medicalcare and the money spent for remodeling the home in order for it to be suitable foran arthritis patient are also included as intangible costs. After all this, you can’ttell that the condition is not serious.

Arthritis Causes Pain

In some cases, arthritis is characterized by the painfulsensations felt all over the joints in the body. Well, it is not so inall arthritis patients and some of them might not feel the pain at all or experienceonly mild to moderate pain. No one can tell how much pain the arthritis patientwill suffer from, but a majority of them do feel pain caused by the disease.

This condition is not just aches and pains caused by theaging. This is not something you should expect when you get older. It canaffect some normal everyday activities and cause serious problems with walking,dressing or even eating. In some cases, condition may get better without anyintervention, but sometimes, patient’s internal organs may be affected. This ispresent in rheumatoid arthritis and these people may suffer from very seriousform of the disease, which is damaging their joints and other parts oftheir bodies.

Arthritis Pain Can be Resolved

Modern medicine is able to deal with painful sensationscaused by arthritis. Even some severe forms of this disease are treatable and thesepatients can live a relatively normal and productive life.

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