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Migraines are very unpleasant headaches that are characterized by pain in the upper half of the head. The eyes are often affected as well, and feelings of nausea are also common with migraines. Even under normal circumstances, women are much more likely to suffer from migraines than men. But pregnant women get these nasty headaches even more often. What can you do if you suffer from migraines when you have a little one on the way?

Pregnancy migraines are caused by the hormonal changes that all pregnant women experience. If you have a splitting migraine and you are not pregnant, the very first thing you might do is take an over the counter pain killer to relieve it. When you are expecting a baby, curing migraines is not that simple and many women prefer to avoid pain killers if possible, and with good reason. Herbal treatments that are normally recommended, including black tea, are not prescribed by herbalists during pregnancy either. Drug-free cures should probably be the first thing to try when you have a migraine and are pregnant. Meditation, sleep, removing yourself from stimulants and trying to stay in a quiet and dark environment for a while, are all effective pregnancy headache remedies for some women.

Perhaps it does not sound as if this would do the trick, but these things are definitely worth a try. Using ice packs, and receiving a head massage, are also safe. Using acupressure during massages offers the best chance of stopping the migraine. Failing those things, however, most medical experts agree that taking paracetamol is the safest and most effective migraine cure for pregnant women. If you are suffering from repeated migraines, rather than a one-off occurrence, it is time to tell your doctor about it. In some women, migraines have certain triggers, and it might be possible to lean what they are to avoid them.

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