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Meth Mouth

This text will focus on the problem associated with methamphetamine abuse. This psychostimulant drug creates a crystal methamphetamine addiction, which causes an energy level and alertness increase. It can also lead to the increase of the sexual pleasure, self-esteem and to euphoria. There are some problems that can be cured with use of this drug and those are obesity and ADHD, but abuse of this medication is very common and it can lead to some serious problem, among which is meth mouth.

Symptoms and Treatment

The most common symptom of meth mouth is gingival tooth border decay, which then moves on to the pulp and causes tooth decay, dry mouth and ulcerative gingivitis. Eliminating the drug from use is the first thing you need to do if you are having problems with meth mouth. Treatment will surely be unsuccessful if you do not do this. Since the problems associated with meth mouth are not that much serious, drug is something that can be hard to eliminate from consumption, although it is crucial for the success of the treatment. Next, the filling of the tooth may be done. This can be accomplished only if the tooth decay is still not that far advanced. Esthetic fillings can be used if the lesions are located on the facial surface of the tooth, but root canal is the most common way of eliminating the tooth decay problem. The problem of acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis can be associated with the abuse of meth. This problem causes ulcers on gingiva surface and the loss of bone. Eliminating this problem will require a proper oral hygiene and subgingival cleaning, which will eliminate the anaerobic pathogens located in the gingiva. Meth mouth can cause dry mouth and it can cause some problems. If the elimination of drug use is not done, tooth decay will follow.

There are some treatment options associated with dry mouth and they are secretion inducing medications and artificial saliva. Also, you can do some actions in order to even prevent the problem from even happening. First, oral hygiene must be properly maintained and visit to the dentist must be regular. The healing can be made faster if you use mouth rinses or mouthwashes. This was some information about the problem of meth mouth, its causes and treatments. This may be a serious problem, but do not give up; be determined and convinced that result will follow and they will eventually.

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