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Menopause is a part of a woman's life which strikes every woman differently. Namely, 15% of women have no problems or experience no changes once their periods cease. However, the 75% left are punished by insomnia, hot flushes, lack of confidence, bouts of crying, abrupt weight gain and many other hardships.

Therefore, for many women, this period is a time of testing. Basically, many of their skills and aspects of their personality are tested, and the battle is hard, sometimes even seemingly unbearable. During this harsh battle, women need all the support and caring they can get and their families, friends and people close to them should be there to provide these.

The Evolution of Menopause

Strangely enough, in the past, menopause was considered inexistent or a part of female fiction. Also, it was a sort of a taboo, and neither women nor men talked about it. Today, women are aware of this phenomenon and are getting more in control of it. Nevertheless, in a society where aging is equal to becoming less wanted and useful, menopause brings many problems and negativities in a life of a woman. It is the period when they become more aware of the frailty of their health, the strength of their relationships and the necessity of economic security.

The Testing

Women usually contemplate hormone replacement therapy, considering it to be the best possible way of dealing with hardships of menopause. On the other hand, many health experts claim that regular exercising and proper nutrition, along with a positive lifestyle in general may be all a woman needs in this period of her life. This kind of life can prevent osteoporosis, which is a disease affecting one's bones, making them more fragile.

So, basically, think of your menopause as a transitional period, like another puberty. You merely need to learn how to cope with it, not to treat it like a disease. Learn as much about menopause as you can and help yourself manage your life through this period. Use herbal medicine, natural, healthy food and have a positive, physically active lifestyle. Never judge yourself or consider yourself sick, since you are not. Rather, you are in your Rite of Passage, and at the end of this road there is a completely new, beautiful beginning.

All in all, women in menopause need the support of people around them because, often, when they lack this, they can get confused and overwhelmed by the changes affecting their organism. Once they have caring and support they need, they are bound to live through menopause with smiles on their faces.

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