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Diabetes and importance of keeping it under control

There are different types of diabetes and not all of them require the same level of care and treatment. Still, it is important to react timely and appropriately as soon as the first symptoms appear, even in cases of prediabetes. The reason for this is very simple – ignoring the symptoms and untimely reaction will only aggravate the condition, make it more serious and cause severe health issues. Damage to the kidneys, heart and nerves are only a part of the possible complications.

Some of the signs that the person should not ignore include constant thirst, frequent urination, loss of weight without any intention, tiredness, weakness, and loss of libido. Other signs might indicate problems with blood levels of sugar as well, but these are the most frequent and most easily noticeable.

Is it possible to manage diabetes naturally?

The fact is that diabetes can be controlled naturally; at least it is so in the greatest majority of cases. People tend to rely on medications more often because they feel much safer that way and they think that it is less time-consuming. However, a natural way is a much healthier way of keeping diabetes under control, because, if nothing else, it is not likely to cause any side effects and it will provide much healthier life and eating habits for an individual. Some of the ways in which this disease can be managed naturally include:

Introducing healthy diet, which means that the intake of foods high in carbohydrates need to be reduced, while the amount of foods rich in fiber should be increased. Regular exercising. Physical activity plays an important role in managing diabetes, particularly in cases of people who are overweight. Besides, physical activity has proven to affect insulin sensitivity in a positive way. Use of dietary supplements such as those that contain vitamins B, C and E and minerals such as zinc and magnesium can help a lot as well. These elements protect the eyes, nerves and kidneys, which decreases the damage that diabetes causes. Use of herbal remedies. This does not mean that any herbal remedy can and should be used. On the contrary, it is necessary to gather all the necessary information about the herbal remedy that the person is about to use, and it is necessary to make sure that it is safe. Consultations with the doctor or dietitian might be of huge help here.

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